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Job Title: Cook/Supervisor

Job Title of Whom Reporting to: Food Service Manager and/or Assistant Manager

Number of Persons Supervised: Varies with each facility

Essential functions are underlined.

Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent helpful, but not mandatory. Must be able to demonstrate the use and understanding of Kellwell recipes, policies, and procedures. Must be able to communicate to all personnel the minimum production and or service requirements.

Prior Experience Requirements: Six months quantity food production experience in a commercial, military, or institutional setting. Correctional training helpful, but not mandatory.

Working Conditions: Duties are performed while sitting (5% of the time), walking (75% of the time), and standing (20% of the time). Must be able to lift 50 pounds from the floor to a counter that is a maximum of 36" high. Operating of commercial food preparation and serving equipment. Supervision of inmate labor. Exposure to heat, humidity, steam, cooking odors and other kitchen related environments.

Job Summary: Working as a team member with one or more Cook Supervisors and or Food Service Manager. Gives hands on instructions and helps with the preparation and serving of meals, inmate supervision, sanitation, daily paperwork, and security needed to maintain daily Kellwell food service operations.

Job Description



1. Display a personal commitment to client and Kellwell.

2. Capable of making and implementing sound decisions.

3. Communicates professionally and honestly with employees, client and supervisors.

4. Delegates work assignments effectively and appropriately.

5. Practices participation supervision.

6. Trains, develops and utilizes inmate workers to their capacity.

7. Practices pro-active not reactive supervision, (plans ahead).

8. Creates trust, displays consistency and fairness.

Decision Making:

1. Made to meet client and Kellwell contract.

2. Based on good judgment in the absence of the F.S.M. and the Assistant.

Client Relations:

1. Assists the F.S.M. in maintaining a high level of good client relations.

2. Client complaints are brought immediately to the attention of the F.S.M. or the Assistant.

3. Follows Client rules and regulations.

4. Works with Client staff to ensure a timely organized meal service and maintain an effective inmate labor pool.

Job Description

Cook / Supervisor


1. Immediately following service, each server shall clean his or her area.

2. Hot foods are to be returned to the cooks, salads and desserts to the cold prep area.

3. All equipment, including the line is to be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning is to be finished off with a sanitizing solution.

4. Leftovers are to be discarded at the discretion of the Food Service Manager. Label and date all leftovers and store in a designated area.

5. The cooks will pan over production food items not taken to the line. These items will be labeled, covered and chilled. These items will be frozen and then used the first opportunity that comes up on the menu.

6. After each meal a tray will be made up for use as a sample tray, the sample tray will be covered, dated and placed in the freezer.

7. There will be (9) nine sample trays in the freezer at all times. Sample trays are discarded after (72) hours, so when you place one in the freezer, remove the corresponding tray from three days back and discard it.

8. Standard Kellwell recipes are used for meal production.

9. Sample trays are prepared, labeled and stored for each meal.

10. Assist in sanitation efforts when needed


1.Quality-assurance and production sheets are used for each meal and completed.

2.Sample trays are prepared and completed for each meal.

3.Diet meals are prepared in accordance with diet menu listings.

4.All substitutions are entered on the substitution log.

5.Pre-service meeting is held and portion sizing is reviewed.

6.All pre-production and over production items are labeled and stored properly.

7.Practice hands on supervision of inmate workers in meal production.

8.Supervision of meal service for proper portion sizing and tray appearance.

9.Talking on the serving linewill be kept down to a mimimum so serving instructions.

10. Assist in production when needed.

Job Description



1. Ensure all storage areas are kept locked and supervised when open.

2. Keep keys secure at all times.

3. Ensure that sharps and chemicals are kept secure and proper procedure is used when logging them in and out.

4. Take proper inventory of sharps and chemicals each shift.

5. Check inmate workers coming and leaving food service operation for unauthorized items and for proper work time.

6. Ensure that all Client and Kellwell security rules and regulations are followed.

7. Check and search all food carts before they leave the food service area.

8. Have facility officers check all inmate workers before leaving the food service area.

9. Do not bring into the facility any unauthorized items.


1. Help to keep the food service office clean and organized.

2. Complete all daily paperwork correctly and in a timely manner.

3. Fill out your time worked record daily.

4. Any mail received will be the administered by the Food Service Manager.

Inmate relations:

1. Supervision of inmate workers is maintained at all times.

2. Give inmate workers equipment safety and operations briefing and training.

3. Ensure that all inmate workers have a full understanding of their jobs.

4. Follow all policies and guidelines relating to the treatment of inmate workers.

5. Report all problems involving inmate workers to your supervisor and security.

6. Check in and assign jobs to inmate workers.

7. Complete all paperwork needed for inmate workers using Client and Kellwell guidelines.

8. Check to see if all duties assigned to inmate workers is completed.

9. Practice hands on supervision of inmate workers.

10. Give no unauthorized items to any inmate workers.

$11.00 to $12.00 / hour

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What to wear?
Casual (come as you are, but please be presentable)

Job location:
Russellville, KY 42276

Who you will meet:
Rachael Hester

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Instead of receiving applications online, the employer would like candidates to RSVP and come in during the date and time provided. If you’re interested, please RSVP and we’ll let them know you’re coming!

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